Re: HTTP URIs for real world objects

alan gebert wrote:
> Hi,
>> proof, security, instability, centralization, protocols, etc...
> While it is tempting to focus on the small details:
> My 2 cents:
> - RDF can deliver huge value in an intranet scenario today (
> not-quite-open world... you can forget about trust, proof, inference..
> even read/write issues for a while )
> - If we focus on simple applications, people will start using semweb tech
> - We will slowly grow a culture
> - The private sector will eventually build competitive solutions on top
> - They will have it wrong the first time
> - And the second...
> - But eventually, through natural evolution and open market, the
> Semantic IntraWeb will pave the way to the Semantic Web
> So... lets get our hands dirty with what we have and focus on what is
> really really missing here: APPLICATIONS.
> One thing that recently made me think... I have been working in
> semweb/AI research for a looong time ( 5 years, lurker mode ). So I
> should be able to do something valuable with this today, right?
> I mean, I should be able to know what can be done with the tool...

Maybe this gives some ideas:

By no means exhaustive, but gives some directions...


> But it turns out that what I know by heart is what can't be done.
> Will it be John-web-designer that runs into the linked data spec, a
> ready to use sparql engine, and sees the light in all its simplified
> glory?
> "do what you can, with what you have, where you are"
> ( Teo R. )
> nice quote, its got a lot of WWWs in it
> No GGGs yet, you see... that's waaaaaay ahead
> Best,
> Al


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