Re: HTTP URIs for real world objects

On 17/01/2008, Peter F Brown <> wrote:

> The published subject identifier (PSId) is merely a mechanism for making an assertion that "in this neck of the woods, we define this thing this way" but with one important and significant provision: any conformant processor must assume that any two topics, whatever their names or other 'properties', refer to the same real world subject if they carry the same identifier. RDF has no such - pragmatic - mechanism.

What of inverse functional properties? e.g.

<personA> foaf:homepage <> .
<personB> foaf:homepage <> .

tells me <personA>and <personB> are the same person because this plus

foaf:homepage rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty .
<personA> owl:sameAs <personB> .

Do PSIs offer any more than this? (Forgive me, it's been a long time
since I read up on TMs, and even then I didn't get a particularly good



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