Re: [ANN] xOperator 0.1 (Semantic XMPP / Jabber Agent)

Dmitry, i also like plugins.. or embeddable widgets, i agree is a
shortcut into adding value into people's daily operations. Matter of
fact you might want to keep an eye on sindice blog next week ;-)

DBin, Topbraid composers, Protege itself. ,  etc.. they're power
environments where generic data can be processed. They're not meant to
go to standard users as much as they cannot be substituted with
"lightweight plugins" etc.

.. one of the original ideas of  DBin however was that one could, in
theory, configure it to give it out to a standard user by creating a
configuration package "a brainlet" (in xml) where the UI is customized
and many things come with useful, domain specific presets. Weather
creating such breainlts is easy, flexible and powerful enough to fit
actual people's needs is of course debatable.. things could definitely
improved a lot.

To create a dedicated environment, eclipse is really not bad: you will
find writing eclipse plugin really nice as its well documented,
powerful and there is a lot of code to start from.

Any way would i be starting from eclipse today if i wanted to create a
semantic application that reaches a lot of people? probably
not..during these years ajax has evolved to a point where one can do
almost everything so.. :-)

> plugin to find contacts, for an example. And it's not a good idea to run the
> eclipse-based big application to do that task.

yup plugins are great in fact.. but they'll have to access some API,
who provides the api?

> have been represented as RDF under Open Liked Data initiative. But it isn't
> enough, because we as ordinal users haven't ways for publishing their
> semantic data directly like we can via GData API.

 ftp, webdav or a simple php script [1] and anyone can publish RDF online

> I would like to write different useful agents on top of such API for
> reading/writing RDF directly: PIM, bibliographic manager, moneys, personal
> categories and so on, information from one agent will be available in
> another immediately and visa versa. For an example, I would like to describe
> my personal music collection and prefers and then I will show that data in
> my blog through a special Wordpress plugin and see only interest for me news

These are nice thoughts, but you will find that all this require a
large amount of work and when you're done with something like this..
you'll be asking yourself "couldnt i do this is a much simpler way? ..
e.g. google spreadsheet online with its export API , a stylesheet
transformation etc.:-) its hard to beat custom stuff at simple tasks.



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