Re: [ANN] xOperator 0.1 (Semantic XMPP / Jabber Agent)

Il giorno sab, 23/02/2008 alle 12.31 +0300, Dmitry Ulanov ha scritto:
> I think, that xOperator is an amazing project, but I have an idea.
> Where are different useful projects already exist for personal usage
> (ala semantic desktop vision): Zotero [1], DBin [2], Gnowsis [3],
> Soprano (NEPOMUK reference implementation for KDE) [4] and others. But
> it's impossible to use RDF data from one application in another. We
> doesn't have something like a 'semantic system' for RDF by analogy
> with the file system for ordinal files.

It is very early to say that but one of my "todo bullets" is to add
d-bus support to greengrass and use it as a desktop-wide RDF store. I
know that d-bus is Linux only right now but probably the same concept
can be applied to other opearating systems. If anybody is interested
just drop me a line in private.


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