Re: freebase parallax: user interface for browsing graphs of data

Great stuff David!
Your novel interface designs really bring up the strength of linked  

In /facet we also explored the idea of making cross relations from one  
set to another. Eyal Oren did a similar thing in browseRDF.
We were both struggling with an interface design that made this  
functionality usable for end users.
It looks like you just did that. The "connections from" menu does the  
trick very well. And it is very simple to use. I especially like the  
extended view were the properties are grouped by type.

Of course it is not just that which I admire in this application. It  
works really smooth and intuitive too.


On 13 aug 2008, at 00:11, David Huynh wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been exploring some user interface ideas for browsing graphs  
> (of data in Freebase) in a user-friendly way, which I think might be  
> applicable to some of the data that you have. The screencast should  
> explain:
> Please let me know what you think!
> Thank you.
> David

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