Announcement: DBpedia 3.1 Release


hereby we announce the 3.1 release of DBpedia.

As always, downloads are available at [1] and the list of changes since
DBpedia 3.0 is in our changelog [2]. Some notable improvements are a
much better YAGO mapping, providing a more complete (more classes
assigned to instances) and accurate (95% accuracy) class hierarchy for
DBpedia. The Geo extractor code has been improved and is now run for all
14 languages. URI validation has switched to the PEAR validation class.

Overall, we now provide 6.0 GB (58,4 GB uncompressed) of downloadable nt
and csv files. The triple count (excluding pagelinks) has surpassed the
100 million barrier and is now at 116.7 million triples, which is an
increase of 27% compared to DBpedia 3.0.

The extraction was performed on a server of the AKSW [3] research group.
I would like to thank Sören Auer, Jörg Schüppel, Chris Bizer, Richard
Cyganiak, Georgi Kobilarov, Christian Becker, the OpenLink team, and all
other contributors for their DBpedia support.

Kind regards,

Jens Lehmann


Dipl. Inf. Jens Lehmann
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig
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Received on Wednesday, 13 August 2008 08:11:38 UTC