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Re: The Open Group SOA Ontology

From: Chris Harding <c.harding@opengroup.org>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 13:34:10 +0100
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Hi -

Thanks to everyone who has commented on our draft SOA ontology so 
far! The comments received from all sources are now listed at 

The project team will start preparing a new draft on Monday, 
September 8th. If you have further comments, please will you send 
them to me before then.

At 14:27 15/07/2008, Chris Harding wrote:
>Hi -
>For some time now, The Open Group has been developing a formal 
>ontology for SOA. We made an early version available for comment by 
>W3C members over a year ago. We have now reached the stage where we 
>believe that it is almost complete, and are exposing it to outside 
>bodies for review and comment prior to its final review within The Open Group.
>The ontology is a formal OWL ontology, but the draft also includes 
>extensive heuristic explanations of its concepts. We believe that it 
>complements work on OWL-S and WSMO, in that it includes a compatible 
>concept of "Service" and relates this to concepts in other areas, 
>including Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modeling.
>The draft is publicly available at 
>We would very much appreciate your input, not only on the relation 
>of this work to OWL-S and WSMO, but on all aspects that are of 
>interest to you. We will address comments received at this stage 
>before creating the draft for final Open Group review. I therefore 
>invite you to review the draft, and to send me comments on it.



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