Dojinshi & Accessibility was: A new Semantic Web logo?

I've only had a chance to have a brief look at the new logo.


I like the SVG graphic But....
It does have significant defects.

the text-rendering is defined but there is no text.
in fact the file has literally not a single content identifier of any  
unless the file is rendered it is literally impossible to tell what  
it might be.
pace those that render in their minds...

The Web Accessibility Initiative WCAG guidelines suggest this is not  
good practice.

I'd hope the SWEO and Comm teams might also include relevant semantic  

regarding the exceptionally restrictive copyright restrictions it  
might be relevant to review Lawrence Lessig on Dojinshi.

apologies if this seems heavy handed, or I got the wrong end of the  
as I say in a rush..


Jonathan Chetwynd
Accessibility Consultant on Media Literacy and the Internet

Michael Schneider wrote:


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