Re: URI Equivalence?

Tony Hammond wrote:
> I'm curious what can be said in RDF terms re comparing two URIs. For
> example, if I have two graphs
>     G1: { ns:s ns:p ns:o }
>     G2: { ns:s ns:p ns:o }
> then what can be said about reconciling the two subjects? Under what
> conditions is <ns:s> from G1 identical to <ns:s> from G2, i.e.
> referring to the same resource. (I'm assuming full URI normalization
> here, i.e. that the two RDF URI references compare equal, character by
> character, as Unicode strings.)

Hi Tony,

I think that DNS authorities won't matter in this case as long as the
URI are the same after all expansions (prefix). I can state anything I
want about even if I'm not the domain

In the case of file://A and it's clearly not the same
thing unless you state explicitly in your RDF (or import some that does)
that A rdf:sameAs B and search for this relationship in your program.


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Received on Tuesday, 2 October 2007 15:32:43 UTC