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On 29 Nov 2007, at 15:49, Frederick Giasson wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> Good initiative!


> However a couple of things:
> First I would suggest that you validate the syntax of " 
> " using: ""

Yes, it complains about, but I think that's because that  
turtle parser is out of date. It passes raptor's syntax test.

>> The links to eg. wikipedia use the property < 
>> >, is there something we can usefully make those properties a  
>> subPropertyOf? I would have liked to use the FOAF site membership  
>> properties, but they're unhelpful for the particular data we're  
>> trying to handle.
> Not sure it is a good idea to make it a sub property of anything  
> considering how you described the q:wikipedia property.
> Also, I would suggest that you use rdfs:domain and rdfs:range to  
> restrict the use of these properties. Otherwise, with the current  
> state of the ontology; I can use any of these properties to relate  
> any resource with any resource :)

Yeah, sure, the schema is a bit crude, it's the bare minimum needed to  
make the site go.

> so, currently I can say: <foaf:Person> <q:ebay> <foaf:Person>
> This has no meaning with the current definition. Is there are  
> documentation about the creation of this ontology?

No, there wasn't time to document it unfortunately.

> Would like to know what are modules, why you described all these  
> properties to the rdf:Property properties, etc.

The properties of a property are just for compactness. We could have  
reified everything, but it would have bloated all the data. q:modules  
are an internal thing that tell us what piece of code to use to  
extract data from each type of resource.

- Steve

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