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On 29 Nov 2007, at 16:29, Damian Steer wrote:

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> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> Hi Damian,
>>>> Taking the musician Moby as an example, you could serve RDF links  
>>>> like
>>>> owl:sameAs
>>> I really don't think you mean that :-)
>>> They are primarily about the same thing, I take it. Maybe
>>> skos:subject
>> I assume from Steve's RDF that
>> identifies  
>> Moby as a
>> person (a non-information resource) and not the HTML document  
>> describing
>> Moby.
> Ah, apologies. Scratch what I said. I thought such URIs had to 303.

That URI situation is a bit ugly, I had to trade of shorter/neater  
profile URIs against being more easily able to distinguish between  
HTML pages and URIs for people. Brevity won.

I would also have like to have gone with human readable URIs (eg / 
people/Fred_Blogs) ala wikipedia, but it adds complexity in some  
areas, and we were very short of time.

- Steve

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