Linked Data available


We have constructed some rdf resources and an application that uses them,
that can be found at:

Each resource has a different domain, to make it easy to use, and
emphasising the fact that these are in fact completely separate knowledge

For each resource, you can access it in the following ways:

Browse it, looking at the RDF triples;
Query it, using SPARQL;
Resolve each of the unique URIs for resources: depending on content
negotiation, RDF or HTML will be returned;
Query the associated CRS (Consistent Reference Service), to find out which
other URIs are considered to be the same non-information resource.

We currently have the following:

There are some quite big resources here: citeseer, cordis, dblp and nsf are
a good size.

They all use the same ontology (AKT Reference Ontology, with some small
additions), which hopefully makes them a useful resource for applications
that use ontology-mediated separate knowledge bases.

There is also such an application:
Since we have rebuilt the knowledge bases to conform to linked data
standards, the search and CRS information is still being analysed, and thus
this version of the RKB explorer does not yet present as unified a view as
we would like.
For a better unified view, please see the old version at


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