Re: hTurtle: A GRDDL-Compatible Microformat for Turtle-in-HTML

On 11/4/07, Bruce D'Arcus <> wrote:

> I'm not sure how you can call that a "microformat."

Well, by saying "hTurtle is a microformat". I disagree with the
implicit statement that I'm breaking a social convention.

> I'd say it's anithetical to microformat principles

Are there any principles that it breaks which isn't on the following list?

I'll be dealing with the more explicit list in the appropriate forum,
but if you have any that you'd like to add then I'll address them

> this is not just content "hidden" to a user, but to tools as well.

To which tools? XML Infoset tools? XSLT? SAX parsers? All of those
things support exposing the contents of comments. Python regexp? Well
that's what I used. hTurtle is a working system; it does exactly what
it says on the can.

You can refute the architectural plan, but it wasn't created as a
piece of architecture. You can't refute the engineering, or if you can
that'd be much more worthwhile to me since it would probably indicate
a bug in my Turtle tools or some other piece of the toolkit that I
care about.

> Whatever happened to the notion that metadata in comments
> is harmful?

Went the same way as the notion that QNames in attribute values are
harmful, I think.

Sean B. Palmer,

Received on Sunday, 4 November 2007 19:27:45 UTC