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Dear Manuel,

just some comments from my point of view...

#1# computers will never talk to each other by random, ie. without human 
control. I think sb of us have already forgotten, that real life is not 
of bits and bytes, and that we cannot digitize a human life or body. 
There is a real gap between people believing that machines are the next 
step in evolution (Moravec, Kurzweil, ...) and more-like realists as 
Joseph Weizenbaum for example.

Communication is always HUMAN-2-HUMAN and that there is no isolated 
MACHINE-2-MACHINE communication: (slides 21ff)

So the "Semantics" in the Semantic Web finally helps "humans" to 
implement more intelligent software on the Web. That's it, that's cool.

#2# I think interoperability today is exactly there, where sb pays for 
its realization, ie. where there is a market (you mentioned payment 
services). Standardization is not easy and becomes more difficult with 
an increasing number of stakeholders - e.g. there are only a few credit 
card companies compared to blog implementations with a comment feature.

#3# Your idea of - you call it "Object Oriented Web" - in my eyes is 
exactly what is expected from the Semantic Web, although it could be 
seen as an additional layer on top if it, describing "objects" which may 
have a "global state" and can be changed anywhere. I think this will 
become true in some areas, where sb. "pays" for its realization (money 
or spending "time") and where there is a small enough set of 
stakeholders strong enough to get people adopt and use it... what I mean 
is, idealistic visions are good, but perhaps I'm more a realistic person 
also taking into accout social and economic aspects.

Best regards,

Manuel Vila wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would be very happy to get some feedback about the concept of "Object 
> Oriented Web" as I just outlined here:
> Feel free to send your comments either here or on my blog.
> Thanks in advance.
> Manuel Vila

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