Re: Pointer to the ontology for generic resources. HTTP Link header.

On 2007-11 -02, at 13:28, cdr wrote:

>> __$ curl -I
>> Link: meta;rel=meta
> i had a question about how to link to metadata for an Image or  
> other binary file, from the header, and i think this addresses it
> Link: http://abs/path/to/meta.rdf;rel= 
> 1.1/description
> ^- correct use with absolute URIs?
> will tabulator follow anything here. or only specific predicates  
> denoting availafixble metadata?

It will follow any URI for the file, but it must be rel=meta -- not a  
URI at all.

It currently processes it in just the same way as an HTML link element.
This gives the HTML WG control of a bit of HTTP spec, effeciively.

We could argue that   'rel=meta' here is a relative URI relative to a  
common default.

> can i just throw all the triples (eg EXIF) right into a single link  
> header using commas to seperate? including strings?

Not in this implemention.

But I must admit thinking of HTTP headers

Prefix: dc=
N3:  <> dc:title "Another interesting picture".

The prefixes would have to affect all the N3: headers, ie be deemed  
to have been given first, as http is unordered.


>> Tabulator implements this on the cleint side, and pulls in the  
>> metadata.

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