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Re: vCard/iCalendar RDF process document 2007-04-06

From: Kjetil Kjernsmo <kjetil@kjernsmo.net>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 20:22:38 +0200
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-id: <200705012022.39828.kjetil@kjernsmo.net>

On Tuesday 01 May 2007 18:10, you wrote:
> This is RDF---you parse
> in all nodes of an RDF graph, whether you understand all of it or
> not. In fact, with RDF you can round-trip without understanding a bit
> of it.

Sure, but to non-RDFers, especially hcard users, it is useful to know 
what you need to understand to have a sufficient implementation to do a 
round-trip with hcard. 

> But that doesn't mean the ontology can't be complete, and cover all
> the information that non-RDF vCard would support. I'm strongly
> against different subsets of the ontology. In my opinion this would
> make understanding the spec harder and impede adoption because of the
> proliferation of variations.

Actually, I am of the exact opposite opinion, but based on the same 
arguments... :-) I think it would make the spec much easier to 
understand, aid adoption by explicitly telling people what they would 
need to implement in the simplest case, and as long as the subsets of 
the core and full are disjoint but the union of them makes up the whole 
vCard, there is no variations to talk about -- there are just two 
namespace URIs instead of one, that's all.


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