Re: Interpretation of RDF reification

Azamat, Leonid, et al.,

I agree.

AA> The hot polemics over the subject is likely caused by the
 > fact that one determinant dimension of meaning has not received
 > a due attention in the SW formal languages. Additionally to
 > syntactic and semantic aspects, there is a pragmatical meaning
 > involving an agent's mental states and communicative acts
 > (speech events in a certain speech situation, or context).

RDF and OWL are legacy systems that must be supported, but
semantics, pragmatics, and ontology are where the action is.
RDF and OWL are too limited, clumsy, and inefficient to support
any serious work in knowledge representation and reasoning.
An enormous amount of effort in the SemWeb literature addresses
workarounds for getting up to the level where AI was in the 1980s.

My recommendation is to import anything in those languages into
Common Logic and do the real work with CL-based languages.

John Sowa

Received on Sunday, 26 March 2006 16:22:28 UTC