Re: RDF/XML does not support numeric terms [was: RE: 8 points for GRDDL (output other than RDF/XML?)]

On 10/03/2006 13:54, Misha Wolf wrote:
> I'm referring to terms in taxonomies, not to numbers per se.  In the 
> News world, there are a number of vast taxonomies utilising numeric 
> codes.  

If I understand correctly I believe you have two requirements. The first 
is to map each of those numeric codes to URIs. The second is to use the 
numeric codes as element names in RDF/XML.

I can't see how you can accomplish the second requirement any any form 
of XML document without prefixing the code. If you're prefixing the code 
for element names then why not take advantage of that to define the URIs 
for the codes too e.g. concatenate a base URI, the element name prefix 
and the numeric code.

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