RDF/XML does not support numeric terms [was: RE: 8 points for GRDDL (output other than RDF/XML?)]

On 10 March, Sandro wrote: 
> > 1.  IIRC, RDF/XML does not support numeric terms.
> As far as I understand your words, it does. See


>   <http://example.org/foo> 
>       <http://example.org/bar> 
>       "10"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#integer> .
> Is that not support for numeric terms?

The next line in my mail was:
2.  A large number of taxonomies used by the News industry use 
    numeric terms.

I'm referring to terms in taxonomies, not to numbers per se.  In the 
News world, there are a number of vast taxonomies utilising numeric 
codes.  Examples given in the NewsML 2 Technical Specification [1] 

-  CUSIP (eg "037833100", ie Apple Computer)
-  ISBN (eg "0-321-18578-1", ie The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0)
-  ISSN (eg "0261-3077", ie The Guardian)
-  SEDOL (eg "0263494", ie BAE Systems)
-  Valoren (eg "1203203", ie UBS)

The IPTC Subject NewsCodes [2] too are numeric (eg "15095000", ie 

Note: Naginata is a Japanese traditional martial art using a pole 
sword made of wood. "Naginata" means a spear with a curved blade.

[1] http://www.iptc.org/NAR/1.0/specification/

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