Re: Gathering deployment experience for SWIG basic geo namespace (use of Swoogle etc...)

Dan Brickley wrote:
> ... Id be very interested to know more about how 
> the namespace described in has been used 
> in practice (perhaps after consulting the new XG to find out what 
> questions to ask!).
>       In particular, we might want to know things like: which namespaces 
> it often co-occurs with. What other properties its classes are used as 
> domain or range of. Whether people use appropriate values (dots vs 
> commas, negative values, etc), whether literals are all plain or if folk 
> have used datatypes.
>       Also given the nature of the data, Id guess that there would be 
> significant interest in getting data dumps that could be plotted on maps 
> and so-on. But mainly Im most interested simply in how the namespace 
> has been used. Hmm can you plot adoption/usage over time, too?

Dan -- I'm at AAAI this week, but will put together some data when I
get back.  Most of this data can be colleced via the Swoogle Web
interface.  We keep 'metadata' type infomation on all of the 1.6M
RDF documents in our database, but not the 300M triples.  So, to
analyze all of the values used with geo tags, we'd have to (1) use
swoogle find which documents use these terms; (2) access those
documents and collect the values; and (3) do some analysis of the

The results of a Swoogle query are available in RDF as well as HTML,
so one can process the RDF form of a result with, for example, a
SPARQL query.  We limit the number of query results unless you get
a Swoogle API key from us, which is free of course.

My plan (aka good intention) is to get you this data, and then
show (via a post) exactly how I did it, so that other could use
it as an example in case they would like to investigate the
usage patterns of other RDF terms.


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