Gathering deployment experience for SWIG basic geo namespace (use of Swoogle etc...)

Hi folks


I'm sending this to the public W3C Geo XG list, bcc:'d to the Member 
list (a pattern that puts this on the Google'able public record and 
makes it share-able with SWIG, without exposing the Member list address 
to spammers etc).

I encourage followups from XG members to use the same pattern. Hmm, I've 
also added the SWIG list, to the cc: list. SWIG 
members with an interest in the namespace described in might want to sign up to the Geo XG's 
public list, see and ->
(basically, just send mail with 'subscribe' in Subject: line, to, as with all W3C public lists).


So ... I just dropped a note into the UMBC blog in response to a post 
from Tim Finin, cc:'d. Copying it below too, since it's in the blog 
moderation queue.  Basic idea is that it would be great to know a lot 
more about how the SWIG basic geo namespace has actually been used in 
publically available data.

For those who missed the announcement, there is now an incubator group 
at W3C who are working to come up with improvements to the basic geo 
vocab's design, based in particular on experience with the GeoRSS 
effort. I'm very pleased to see this happen, as it brings together 
several communities with complementary interest and expertise. It also 
gives us a practical testbed to explore some issues around the upgrade 
and evolution of deployed namespaces. A process not dissimilar to 
rebuilding a ship while sailing it :)

XG members and other RDF geo implementors --- see below for a sketch of 
the questions we might want answered w.r.t. the basic geo namespace. I'm 
sure there must be others, especially drawing on georss experience. 
Perhaps this thread could live in public-xg-geo, and then I'll summarise 
into the ESW wiki somewhere if there's much to summarise...

Thanks for any thoughts!



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    1.   Dan Brickley Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
       July 18th, 2006 at 3:40 am

       Interesting! Do you do requests? W3C has just chartered a Geo XG 
who want to update the ad-hoc basic geo namespace created by SW 
Interest Group members. Id be very interested to know more about how 
the namespace described in has been used 
in practice (perhaps after consulting the new XG to find out what 
questions to ask!).

       In particular, we might want to know things like: which 
namespaces it often co-occurs with. What other properties its classes 
are used as domain or range of. Whether people use appropriate values 
(dots vs commas, negative values, etc), whether literals are all plain 
or if folk have used datatypes.

       Also given the nature of the data, Id guess that there would be 
significant interest in getting data dumps that could be plotted on maps 
and so-on. But mainly Im most interested simply in how the namespace 
has been used. Hmm can you plot adoption/usage over time, too?

       Sorry if the request seems cheeky, but you cant blame me for 
asking ;)

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