Re: Gathering deployment experience for SWIG basic geo namespace (use of Swoogle etc...)

Tim Finin wrote:
> Dan Brickley wrote:
>> ... Id be very interested to know more about how the namespace 
>> described in has been used in practice 
>> (perhaps after consulting the new XG to find out what questions to ask!).
>>       In particular, we might want to know things like: which 
>> namespaces it often co-occurs with. What other properties its classes 
>> are used as domain or range of. Whether people use appropriate values 
>> (dots vs commas, negative values, etc), whether literals are all plain 
>> or if folk have used datatypes.
>>       Also given the nature of the data, Id guess that there would be 
>> significant interest in getting data dumps that could be plotted on 
>> maps and so-on. But mainly Im most interested simply in how the 
>> namespace has been used. Hmm can you plot adoption/usage over time, too?
> Dan -- I'm at AAAI this week, but will put together some data when I
> get back.  Most of this data can be colleced via the Swoogle Web
> interface.  We keep 'metadata' type infomation on all of the 1.6M
> RDF documents in our database, but not the 300M triples.  So, to
> analyze all of the values used with geo tags, we'd have to (1) use
> swoogle find which documents use these terms; (2) access those
> documents and collect the values; and (3) do some analysis of the
> set.
> The results of a Swoogle query are available in RDF as well as HTML,
> so one can process the RDF form of a result with, for example, a
> SPARQL query.  We limit the number of query results unless you get
> a Swoogle API key from us, which is free of course.
> My plan (aka good intention) is to get you this data, and then
> show (via a post) exactly how I did it, so that other could use
> it as an example in case they would like to investigate the
> usage patterns of other RDF terms.

That would be fantastic! Thanks for this high-level overview too, hope 
it helps others find their way around the information offered by Swoogle.



Received on Thursday, 20 July 2006 12:50:18 UTC