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Thanks Tanja

gathering knowledge about what is already there is important, and a good 
How is information for the  fact book being gathered?

To that effect, it will be useful that the semanticwefactbook is 'alive' 
ie, that people can add to it - and even make requests and suggestions as
to what they need to understand/learn/do

 It will be useful to have an 'interactive' interface with the 
community, where a physical dimension can be
layered on top of the virtual dimension that already exists, to some extent



>Hey Paola,
>:: If others like this idea, can we just open a wiki page where people can
>:: enter details about their location, expertise and availability for
>:: regular knowledge
>:: sharing activities?
>I liked a lot your ideas about possible workshops etc., but I would really
>be satisfied, if we will NOT just start a new page for just a new idea (see
>also my mail from last Thursday)...because I think, that there are already a
>lot of quite good information and knowledge sharing points about semantic
>web etc. online, and it wiuld be better worth to categorize them and make a
>central place,where such commented linklists could be placed.
>Concerning the overview of experts' and researchers' location etc., there
>will be published a SemaqnticWebFactBook, where such information will be a
>central topic in it. you will find it on www.sigsemis.org and there will be
>certainly an announcement here, when it appears.
>Greetings, tanja
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