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Application of RDF. Need a sanity Check

From: Leo Riener <riener@portal.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:23:05 -0700
Message-ID: <6904BF702CD19A41AACAB4B3318D56A20E0803@CUPMAIL.portal.com>
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I thought that my original message got posted, but apparently it did not.
Dear RDF experts,
A team of engineers at my company are investigating options for managing the complex topology of our product.  One of these options, and as a matter fact the one with greatest momentum, is RDF/OWL.   Funny thing is: nobody here really knows RDF or OWL.  What has happened is that in the quest for solutions somebody stumbled on RDF, OWL, and Protégé.  He started playing around with Protégé and found out that it was pretty easy to model at least a basic skeleton of our product components and their relationships and interactions.  Now, when we look for real-life applications of RDF or OWL we find nothing even remotely close to what we are doing.  
To start with, neither our product nor this specific use of RDF has anything to do with W3; it consists of a number of specialized, interconnected components running on multiple hosts.  Some configuration parameters in one component depend on, or have an effect upon, other components.  The end result would be a topology design tool (Protégé) producing a configuration description (RDF/OWL) that can be subsequently used to deploy the processes, monitor them, etc.




Leo Riener

Portal Software, Inc.

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