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RDF Schema Creation Questions

From: David Pratt <fairwinds@eastlink.ca>
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 11:13:32 -0300
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-id: <604890F6-3673-11DA-B868-000A27B3B070@eastlink.ca>

Hi.  I am writing an RDF schema but I have couple of questions. First, 
it validates on W3C's RDF validator but seems to die when loading as a 
new project in Protege so it has me concerned that there may be a 
problem that I am not aware with my schema or that Protege may be 
giving me grief. I am not sure which.  Can someone suggest an 
alternative tool I could consider using that can read and validate my 
index.rdf as a schema.

Protege puts all the classes and properties in alphabetical order also 
where I want to put things in a different order so it will go with the 
order the data will be entered for the most part. So I wrote a script 
in python to assemble the schema in the order I wanted after I 
understood the rdf structure a bit more.

My goal is for the schema to be used by normal rdf libraries (such as 
rdflib in python) so I have used owl sparingly.  I am using FOAF as a 
guide a bit this way since it is a well used schema.

Are there any ontology gurus out there that is willing to have a quick 
look at my schema to determine whether it has any obvious flaws can be 
identified? I am prepared to put it up on the web so it can be viewed.  
This would be very much appreciated as this is my first attempt and any 
comments or suggestions that could help make it better would be welcome.

Many thanks,
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