RE: Describing networks using RDF

If you haven't already, you might try this:

It contains a PowerPoint presentation. One of the slides towards the end
contains an embedded .PDF file that explains a little about the DCML OWL
ontology and provides some examples. That might be of some limited use.


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> Marius Olsthoorn wrote:
> > How does your work relate to DCML( )?
> I was a bit busy last few days, so did not have time to respond.
> I did not know of DCML before, and I had a look at the webpage, but I 
> still don't really know what DCML is.
> On the one hand, their mission statement seems very close to 
> what we are 
> trying to achieve; describe computer networks using RDF, both 
> physical 
> and logical. It's with Oasis and it seems to have some participants.
> On the other hand, in the news section there's one entry for 2005 and 
> that is that there was an article written about them, 
> basically copying 
> their mission statement.
> The documents in the documents section are pretty vague and the one 
> "specification" that I saw was a lengthy document, with an RDF Schema 
> attached at the end that is basically a "Hello World!" 
> version of using 
> CIM terminology in RDF.
> If you know more about DCML, then please enlighten me..
> Jeroen.

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