Describing networks using RDF


During the past half year or so I and some people of my group have been
working on using RDF to describe computer networks. Some more
information about this work (in progress!) can be found on my homepage:

Now I'm interested in feedback from the semantic web group, people who
have experience creating ontologies and perhaps also from people who are
doing about the same thing.
Is anyone aware of any other projects using RDF to describe computer
networks (I googled, but haven't found much)?

Also the work I'm doing is being picked up by the network management
communities, but before we really want to release this to the public we
want to have some tools to easily edit the descriptions and update them
with new information. I know that there are some (graphical) tools to
edit RDF files. But these all show the complete RDF file and for most
usage it is enough to have some abstracted view of the graph and zoom in
when necessary. Does anyone know of any editors that are able to do this?

Thanks for your time,
Jeroen van der Ham.

Received on Friday, 4 November 2005 10:39:08 UTC