Re: Describing networks using RDF

Marius Olsthoorn wrote:
> How does your work relate to DCML( )?

I was a bit busy last few days, so did not have time to respond.

I did not know of DCML before, and I had a look at the webpage, but I 
still don't really know what DCML is.

On the one hand, their mission statement seems very close to what we are 
trying to achieve; describe computer networks using RDF, both physical 
and logical. It's with Oasis and it seems to have some participants.

On the other hand, in the news section there's one entry for 2005 and 
that is that there was an article written about them, basically copying 
their mission statement.
The documents in the documents section are pretty vague and the one 
"specification" that I saw was a lengthy document, with an RDF Schema 
attached at the end that is basically a "Hello World!" version of using 
CIM terminology in RDF.

If you know more about DCML, then please enlighten me..


Received on Friday, 18 November 2005 15:15:24 UTC