DRAFT XML Query/XSL WG Joint Teleconference #664 Agenda 2017-01-10

DRAFT XML Query/XSL WG Joint Teleconference #664 Agenda 2017-01-10

Andy will chair this meeting.


Changes in this agenda:

This week, I'd like us to work on the following items:
J4.2 (F&O)
J4.6 (Test suite)
J5   (Progression)
Q2.1 (Update 3.0)
Q2.2 (Update 3.0 Req & UC)

J = Joint Query/XSLT meeting;
Q = Query-only meeting

Teleconference connection details

(Member only)

Note to secretary: Please insert a summary of all decisions made during 
this teleconference at this location in the minutes.

Decisions MUST be clear as to their complete intent.  The subject of the 
decision should *not* require dereferencing; it is most helpful if 
agenda numbers and bug numbers are accompanied by their titles.  If a 
decision is recorded about the resolution of a bug, the decision must 
state exactly what the resolution is (e.g., "Accept the solution in 
comment #5", or "Replace the production for XXX with this: <new 
production>", or the like.  It should be possible to read a decision 
months later and be certain what it meant and whether or not it was 
properly applied.

Note to secretary: Please insert all new action items assigned during 
this teleconference at this location in the minutes.

Action items MUST make sense even when they are viewed standalone (that 
is, not read in the context of the agenda item where they were 
assigned).  This explicitly requires that all referents (e.g., "this", 
"that") be made clear.  Action items such as "Ralph to resolve this 
problem" are DISALLOWED.  It takes a scribe only a few additional 
minutes to ensure that action items are clear, while it takes the entire 
WG considerable effort to constantly research the meaning of unclear 
action items.  The subject of the action item should *not* require 
dereferencing; it is most helpful if agenda numbers and bug numbers are 
accompanied by their titles.

Joint XML Query Working Group and XSL Working Group

J1. Administrative Items

J1.1 Selection of secretary(s)

Michael Dyck has been asked to take the minutes.  Abel has been asked to 
stand by.

NOTE: The chair will confirm the secretary prior to the start of the 

Most recent secretaries (least-recent participants first):
(This list identifies the most recent three occasions when each 
participant acted as Secretary for the Task Force.  The person whose 
name is at the top of the list should plan to take the minutes at the 
meeting identified by this agenda; if that person is unavailable, then 
the job will fall to the next person on the list, etc.

Michael Dyck        - 2016-10-04, 2016-06-14, 2016-03-08
Abel Braaksma       - 2016-10-18, 2016-06-28
Liam Quin           - 2016-10-25, 2016-09-13, 2016-05-03
Josh Spiegel        - 2016-11-01, 2016-07-19, 2016-03-15
Jonathan Robie      - 2016-11-08, 2016-07-05, 2016-04-12
Mike Kay            - 2016-11-15, 2016-07-26, 2016-04-26
O'Neil Delpratt     - 2016-11-29, 2016-09-06, 2016-04-19
Michael Sprbrg-McQn - 2016-12-06, 2016-09-27, 2016-06-07


Note to secretary: During the meeting, take a note of the Webex 
participants, then list in the minutes those present and those who sent 
regrets.  All others will be presumed to have been absent without regrets.

XML Query WG membership list: 

XSL WG membership list: 


J1.3 Approval of agenda

J1.3.1 Additions, deletions, or corrections?

J1.4 Review of recent minutes and administrative items

J1.4.1 Minutes of meeting #663 (Michael Sperberg-McQueen)

J1.5 Review of action items

NOTE: Please be prepared to respond quickly on your action items!

J1.5.1 Outstanding action items

ACTION A-657-12: ABr to create more tests for fn:transform, as he 
describes in bug 29834

Status: Pending; ETA 2016-11-26

ACTION A-661-04 (Bug 29997) AB to fix up the dependencies on the 
fn:transform tests and if appropriate resubmit results.

Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

ACTION A-661-06 (Bug 29949) OND to decide which approach to take and do 
it. Alternatives suggested include (a) adding a (rather specialized 
dependency) for these tests, or (b) dropping the tests, or (c) alternative 

Status: Pending; ETA 2016-12-13

ACTION A-662-04: MikeKay to investigate bug 29932

Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

ACTION A-663-02: MK to respond to original commentor (Thomas Fischer)
w.r.t. our decision on bug 30025 "[F+O3.1] array:join() - misleading

Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

ACTION A-663-03: MK to respond to original commentor w.r.t. our
decision on bug 30024 "[F+O 3.1] Is map:entry superfluous?" (FIXED).

Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

ACTION A-663-04: MK to address test suite bug 30023 [qt3ts]
fn-transform-err-9a (which he may already have fixed).

Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

J1.5.2 Completed action items

ACTION A-658-07 Liam to review MIME type registration for XQuery 3.1

Status: Closed; There were two changes, both of which Josh has done.

ACTION A-661-09 (Bug 29959 – fn:put) JR: Amend XQ 3.1 requirements 
(changing the status of this requirement). (And while there under 2.4.4 
collations, there is a misreference to fn:put()).

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-661-10 (Bug 29959 – fn:put) JR: In the XQuery 3.1 spec, get rid 
of the optional fn:put() feature

Status: Closed;

ACTION A-662-01: Josh and Jonathan to review the XQuery 3.1 changes 
relating to the introduction and abstract.

Status: Closed;

ACTION A-662-02: MikeKay to make change proposed in comment 11 of Bug 

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-662-03: MikeKay to make the change mentioned in comment 2 of the 
Bug 29789 - to add note to FO spec.

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-662-05: O’Neil/Mike to propose a way to version the QT3 test 
suite and Generate white list.

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-663-05: Andy Coleman to make the appropriate transition

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-663-06: Andy Coleman to stage the documents and make a
publication request (assuming a favorable result from the director's

Status: Closed; See

ACTION A-663-07: Andy Coleman to stage the document and make the
publication request.

Status: Closed; See

J1.6 Update on related activities

J1.6.1 Update on XSLT WG activities (Sharon, MikeK)

J1.6.2 Update on EXPath/EXQuery CG activities (Mike)

J1.7 Future Meetings

J1.7.1 QT Meeting Schedule

[V47] Joint XML Query/XSL WG meeting schedule

J1.7.2 Future F2F Meetings

J1.7.2.1 Other future F2F meetings


J2. Documents For Review


J3. Maintenance Issues

J3.0 The XML Query WG and XSLT WG do not intend to maintains specs 
earlier than the 3.0 suite of documents; when the 3.1 suite reaches 
Recommendation, maintenance of the 3.0 documents will be terminated.

This agenda item is reserved for reporting errors and other problems 
reported against the 3.0 (later, 3.1) suite of specifications.

J3.0.1 Concerns raised by the XSLT working group in regards to potential
completion delays of XSLT 3.0 if XPath 3.0 is made obsoleted by 3.1

Status: Pending the outcome of Abel's review of 3.0 bugs/errata.
        Any change to the status of the 3.0 specs requires explicit XSL WG

J3.1 Bugzilla Bugs filed against the 3.0 suite of joint XML Query WG and 
XSLT WG documents


J4. Active Specification Development

** Note: Full Text 3.1 has been removed from the WG agenda.
If, in the future, there is sufficient interest (i.e. at least two
independent participants to develop the spec and implementations),
then this can be brought back on the agenda.

J4.1 Data Model 3.1 (Andy)

J4.1.0 Internal working draft




J4.2 Functions and Operators 3.1 (Mike Kay)

J4.2.0 Internal working draft



J4.2.1 Bug 30041 - [FO31] year-from-date() with negative years

Status: Ready to discuss

J4.3 Serialization 3.1 (Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Andy)

J4.3.0 Internal working draft




J4.4 XPath 3.1 (Jonathan)

J4.4.0 Internal working draft




J4.5 Grammar Test Applets (Michael Dyck)


J4.6 QT3 test suite (O'Neil)

J4.6.1 Status report on test suite, harness, tools

J4.6.2 Status of 3.1 tests results

Status: Currently five implementers submitted results

J5. Progression of Work

J5.1 XQuery 3.1, XQueryX 3.1, XPath 3.1, XDM 3.1, F&O 3.1, Serialization 

J5.1.1 Current status

* In Candidate Recommendation

* Potential coordination of dates with XSLT 3.0

J5.1.2 Dependencies inhibiting progression

* Awaiting end of revised CR period; 10 January 2017

* PR Transition Request and authorization, PR pub request

* REC Transition Request and authorization, REC pub request

J5.1.3 Vote to progress to PR

Status: WG agreed to progress

J5.2 Update 3.0

J5.2.1 Current Status

* In Last Call Working Draft

At XML Prague, Liam talked to a few people about XQuery Update but found 
no great enthusiasm for doing the work.  We cannot progress without plans 
for a test suite and potential implementers.
The WG needs to decide what to do with this spec.

Status: Ready to discuss

J5.2.2 Require owner of XQUF 3.0 Test Suite

J5.2.3 Dependencies inhibiting progression

* CR Transition Request and authorization, CR pub request

* Completion of test suite minimum-required-to-declare-victory

* Sufficient implementation experience and reports thereof

* Formal response to all comments, responses accepted by commenters

* PR Transition Request and authorization, PR pub request

* REC Transition Request and authorization, REC pub request

J5.3 XQuery 3.1 Requirements and Use Cases

J5.3.1 Current Status

* Working Group Node

J6. Any other business

J6.1 Consideration of future work

J6.1.1 QT 3.2

The WGs decided that we will finish the 3.1 documents presently under way,
but undertake no new work. Maintenance work should be planned upon for a
period of time after finishing the specifications. 

J6.1.2 FT 3.1

Currently inadequate interest and resources

J6.1.3 Update 3.1

Currently inadequate interest and resources

J7. Adjourn

XML Query Working Group

Q1. The XML Query WG does not intend to maintains specs earlier than the 
3.0 suite of documents; when the 3.1 suite reaches Recommendation, 
maintenance of the 3.0 documents will be terminated.

Q1.0 This agenda item is reserved for reporting errors and other 
problems reported against the 3.0 (later, 3.1) XML Query WG suite of 

Q1.1 Bugzilla Bugs filed against the 3.0 suite of XML Query WG documents


Q2. Active Specification Development

Q2.1 XQuery Update Facility 3.0 (John)

Q2.1.0 Internal working draft



* The WG needs to obtain implementation experience with this document.

Q2.1.1 Bug 30017 - UpdatingFunctionCall use of PrimaryExpr makes the 
grammar ambiguous

Status: Ready to discuss

Q2.2 XQuery Update Facility 3.0 Requirements and Use Cases (Andy)

* The WGs need to be certain that this document is completed 
(red/yellow/green bullets on requirements, all the use cases intended to 
be published) and a decision made to advance it to WG Note.

Q2.3 XQuery 3.1 (Jonathan)

Q2.3.0 Internal working draft




Q2.4 XQueryX 3.1 (Josh)

Q2.4.0 Internal working draft




Q3. Test Suite Development

Q3.1 Update Facility 3.0 Test Suite (????)

* Need test suite developer/manager

* Need tests 

Q4. Any other business

Q5. Adjourn

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