Agenda: distributed meeting 2007-05-22

22 May, 9-10am Eastern Time 
(6-7am Pacific, 1500-1600 CET, 1600-1700 Crete)

See <> for time in  
other time zones.

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      +1.617.761.6200 conference code 965732# ('XMLSEC')
IRC Chat: (port 6665), #xmlsec
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   Thomas Roessler

   Frederick Hirsch

1. Administrivia: scribe confirmation, next meeting

   Giles Hogben is expected to scribe.  The current scribe list is
   at the end of this message.

   Scribe Instructions:
   Next meeting: PROPOSED for 29 May, Thomas to chair, PHB to

2. Review and approval of last meeting's minutes

3. Action item review

   We'll review action items that don't tie in with another agendum.

   For the full list of open actions, see:

   ACTION-5 Teach tracker about common aliases, on Thomas Roessler
   ACTION-6 Share example for transform that depends on
   information beyond the transform input nodeset, on Konrad Lanz [?]

   ACTION-22 Provide URI for additional algorithms, on Thomas
   Roessler [DONE]
   ACTION-26 draft CG note draft for submission to XML CG, on Thomas
   Roessler [CONTINUE]
4. Workshop planning

   ACTION-17 Draft CFP, on Thomas Roessler

   ACTION-27 Put up WBS for known constraints in September/October,
   on Thomas Roessler

   The results of that survey suggest September 11/12 or -- tied --
   September 12/13, September 26/27, September 25/26.
   PROPOSED: To schedule the workshop for September 11/12.

   We have hosting offers from Europe and the West Coast.

5. Current status of drafts: C14N11 (from XML Core)

   ACTION-25 Post red-line link for C14N11, on Frederick Hirsch
   Per last meeting's decision, we do not anticipate to send any further
   feed-back to XML Core as a group.

6. Current status of drafts: DSig Core

   Current draft:

   ACTION-19 Get test case for E01, on Konrad Lanz
   Review discussion of E05:
   and thread

7. Current status of drafts: Decryption Transform

   Curent draft:

(I suspect that any agenda items from here on will actually be
postponed to the next meeting.)

8. Interop testing, participation expectations

   ACTION-12 Contact participants in previous interop testing, on
   Frederick Hirsch

   Review interop testing expectations:

   This agendum may be member-confidential.

9. Test cases

   i) Regression tests - original XML Signature and Decryption
   Transform cases Action to review and summarize?
   ii) test defined in new C14N11 example (as updated)
   iii) E01 - see ACTION-19 Agreed at F2F that no tests needed for
   iv) Action to review and summarize test for E06, test for base64
   URI?  Test exists but not well-defined?

   v) Action to summarize dditional tests?

   greg: test case for 1.0 as default see if 1.1 by mistake
   <hal> test case which checks for correct sig when xml:base is
   <hal> test case which checks for correct sig when xml:id is present
   <fjh> thomas: generate sig over doc subset, must include c14n11
   as  final transform
   <fjh> greg: new generators not rely on default c14n
   <klanz2> Test case for conversion NodeSetData to OctetStreamData:
   <klanz2> Use case: Generate a signature having a reference with
   some xpath transform selecting NodeSetData
   <klanz2> then we add a XSLT transform that clearly needs
   <klanz2> Check on verification: if the resulting signature
   actually made the use of c14n 1.1 explicit in the chain of transforms

   Any other business

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <>

Scribe list

Elisabetta Carrara
Donald Eastlake
Phillip Hallam-Baker
Giles Hogben  (expected)
Konrad Lanz
Peter Lipp
Hal Lockhart
Ram Mohan
Anthony Nadalin
Chris Nautiyal
Rich Salz
Daniel Schutzer
Ed Simon
Andrew Sullivan
Panagiotis Trimintzios
Tarun Tyagi
Thomas Roessler (17 Apr 07)
Greg Whitehead (F2F 2 May 07 am)
Rob Miller  (F2F 2 May 07 pm)
Gregory Berezowsky (F2F 3 May 07 am)
Sean Mullan (F2F 3 May 07 pm)
Juan Carlos Cruellas (15 May 2007)

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