Draft minutes: face-to-face 3 May 2007

Draft minutes from our face-to-face meeting on 3 May are available


I'm including a text version below.

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <tlr@w3.org>

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                                   - DRAFT -

                  XML Security Specifications Maintenance WG

3 May 2007


   See also: [3]IRC log


          Ed Simon
          Frederick Hirsch
          Konrad Lanz
          Juan Carlos Cruellas
          Phill Hallam-Baker
          Greg Whitehead
          Greg Berezowski
          Sean Mullen
          Don Eastlake
          Hal Lockhart
          Rob Miller
          Thomas Roessler
          Rich Salz

          Tony Nadalin

          Frederick Hirsch

          Gregory Berezowsky, Sean Mullen


     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Reconvene & Administrivia
         2. [6]Actions Review
         3. [7]November Plenary
         4. [8]Canonicalization Comments
         5. [9]dsig errata E08
         6. [10]Decrypt Transform
         7. [11]Section 3.2 - Processing Rules
         8. [12]agenda review and then break for lunch
         9. [13]Test Case Requirements
        10. [14]test using explicit transform during generation for c14n11
        11. [15]Best Practices
        12. [16]ExternalCoordination Page
        13. [17]Charter Development
     * [18]Summary of Action Items

 Reconvene & Administrivia

   <GregB> Sean to scribe this afternoon

   fjh: We should walk through the plenary details to decide on specifics

   fjh: We should walk through open and closed actions

   fjh: We should review the summary emails from yesterday's meeting

   fjh: Do we need schema change for the errata?

   <tlr> [19]http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/Group/track

Actions Review

   <GregB> ACTION-1 closed

   <GregB> ACTION-2 closed

   <GregB> ACTION-6 requires additional information in note regarding example
   from yesterday's presentation

   <GregB> ACTION-10 Austrian governement does not use transforms when they use
   Type attribute (i.e. the type denotes the input to the digest)

   <klanz2> The optional Type attribute denotes the item, not its contents.

   <klanz2> The optional Type attribute denotes the item, not its contents.

   <klanz2> The optional Type attribute denotes the item (post transform), not
   its contents.

   <klanz2> The optional Type attribute denotes the item (post transform if
   any), not it's contents.

   <klanz2> The optional Type attribute denotes the actually digested item, not
   it's contents.

   <GregB> ACTION: klanz2 to post E05 discussion to public list [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-14 - Post E05 discussion to public list [on
   Konrad Lanz - due 2007-05-10].

   <GregB> [21]http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/Group/track/

   <GregB> ACTION-10 closed

   <trackbot-ng> Sorry... I don't know how to close ACTION yet

   <fjh> this is the text in question in - The Type attribute applies
   to the item being pointed at, not its contents. For example, a reference
   that identifies an Object element containing a SignatureProperties element
   is still of type #Object. The type attribute is advisory. No validation of
   the type information is required by this specification.

   <GregB> ACTION-11 closed

   <trackbot-ng> Sorry... I don't know how to close ACTION yet

November Plenary

   <tlr> [22]http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/34786/TPAC07/

   <fjh> latest redline of sig is

   <GregB> Estimating 15 people attendance at plenary

   <GregB> Days preferred: Thursday PM, Friday, all day, Saturday morning, but
   may not use Saturday

   <GregB> Like to meet with: XML Core

   <GregB> Membership overlap identified: WS Context WG

   <GregB> Chair overlap with WS-Policy

   <GregB> Will allow non-members with prior approval of chair

   <GregB> Questionnaire results:

Canonicalization Comments

   fjh: suggested xml:base and xml:id examples be added

   fjh: RFC 3986 is referenced several times, but not hyperlinked. Link should
   be added.

   fjh: See
   tml for proposed comments

   <fjh> C14N11 is only applicable to XML 1.0 and XPath 1.0 and is not

   <fjh> applicable to XML 1.1 and XPath 2.0.

   <rsalz> I suggest changing "is not applicable to" to "is not defined for"


   <tlr> C14N11 is applicable to XML 1.0 and defined in terms of the XPath 1.0
   data model. It is not defined for XML 1.1.

   RESOLUTION: Accept changes proposed in

   <fjh> RESOLUTION: accept proposed text as C14N comment "C14N11 is applicable
   to XML 1.0 and defined in terms of the XPath 1.0 data model. It is not
   defined for XML 1.1."

   fjh: C14N11 Issue and proposal: Unclear handling of unspecified attributes
   in xml namespace


   <klanz2> RFC2119 "SHOULD" throw an error as in

   klanz2: this is option 3 with SHOULD instead of MUST

   rsalz: We should propose #1 or #2 and expect XML core to pick one

   tlr: We should ask XML Core to clarify future use of xml:

   fjh: should we change 'MUST throw an error' to 'SHOULD throw an error'
   ... for #3

   rich: should for #3 would be ambiguous, so if you decide it is ok then could
   do #1, then just choose #1

   <fjh> Ed, can you see the email -

   <fjh> in favor of #1, or cannot live with #1

   <GregB> 12 in favor, 2 did not oppose, but not in favor

   <EdSimon> I lean toward option 1 of fjh's C14N11 note.

   <GregB> straw poll in favour of #2

   <EdSimon> Ed is not in favour of option 2

   <GregB> 2 in favour of #2, 2 opposed, the rest indifferent

   <fjh> greg whitehead: benefit of #1 is ability to define transform

   <EdSimon> Ed shares the concern expressed that option 2 may lead to security
   concerns as mentioned by another participant.

   <GregB> straw poll on #3

   <GregB> 1 in favour, 2 opposed

   klanz: maybe #1 is acceptable, but its a bet against the future with the
   potential to render things insecure

   <rsalz> My vote in favor of #1 and #2 is more accurately "indifferent"

   tlr: transform should be specified when new attributes are introduced

   <EdSimon> Should we require/request that new additions to XML Core include
   consideration of canonicalization?

   <rsalz> +1 to EdSimon

   <tlr> +1 as well

   grw: there is responsibility on the signer; XML Core needs to recognize when
   they introduce new names
   ... that security, et al needs to be addressed

   grw: There must be security considerations around the introduction of new
   attributes in the xml namespace and we just need to be explicit about what
   is dealt with and what is not

   [INS: fjh: :INS] This is a process, not a spec recommendation. Who does that
   go to?

   <tlr>  Need  for  security  review  of  changes  to  XML  that  affect
   Canonicalization and Signature.

   <GregB> ACTION: Frederick to Raise on XML coordination list the need for XML
   security considerations with regards to xml namespace additions [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-15 - Raise on XML coordination list the need
   for XML security considerations with regards to xml namespace additions [on
   Frederick Hirsch - due 2007-05-10].

   <tlr> e..g, new attrbutes

   <EdSimon> There should be a security review of any new XML Core features;
   XML  Core should not risk introducing features that introduce security

   <fjh>  Any  attribute  in  the  XML namespace that is neither a Simple
   Inheritable Attribute (xml:lang and xml:space as defined above), or xml:id
   or  xml:base  shall not receive special treatment in the processing of
   Document Subsets. Specifically, no special processing shall be performed to
   provide inheritance when processing a document subset."

   <fjh> Section 2.4, Document Subsets

   <deastlak> XML namespace attributes other than xml:base, xml:id, xml:lang,
   and xml:space MUST be treated as ordinary attributes.

   <rsalz> Attributes in the XML namespace other than ...

   <fjh> ttributes in the XML namespace other than xml:base, xml:id, xml:lang,
   and xml:space MUST

   <tlr> Attributes in the XML namespace other than xml:base, xml:id, xml:lang,
   and xml:space MUST be processed as ordinary attributes

   <GregB> break. back at 1040EST

   <GregB> ... and we're back

   <tlr> [31]http://www.w3.org/mid/4639E78B.1000406@ac.upc.edu


dsig errata E08

   <fjh> sig draft [33]http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/Drafts/xmldsig-core/

   <fjh> section 4.4.3

   klanz: ok with change if we can do it without changing the namespace

   EdSimon: would like to correct, this is an error, but feels we cannot change
   the schema without changing the namespace

   <rsalz> +1 to ed

   EdSimon: may break applications where the schema has been signed

   fjh: schema and DTD contradict each other

   grw: more serious error to have schema that is too restrictive and it may be
   sufficient to correct it in prose

   tlr: two issues change of part of spec that is expressed as xsd

   <tlr> [35]http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig

   tlr: and second, the actual published xsd file

   <EdSimon> Until we can change the namespace, I believe we have to live with
   the schema error. Do not want to break applications that sign the schema
   along with the data. The XML Sig spec should indicate the error.

   tlr: section 1.1 - The schema definition is normative and differs from both
   the DTD and the text

   grw: the text can further restrict the schema even though the intent may not
   be expressed in the schema

   <fjh> konrad: notes that some may sign their schema, so not supportive of

   klanz: advocates not changing the schema because this will impact those who
   have signed the schema

   hal: best practice is to change the name when you make changes which are not
   backward compatible. Which would be the case.

   hal: We could leave this as a major future revision. Possibly note in the
   spec that we are aware of the issue and explain why it has not been changed.

   <grw> +1

   PHB: should not change schema; DTD conflict is not an issue (perhaps drop it
   in the future, anyway)

   PHB: All that the schema defines is what will fail validation

   <rsalz> Perhas annotate the schema to indicate the the REC requires the URI
   attribute even though "shown here as optoinal"

   tlr: we all agree that the schema is wrong. we all agree that we should not
   change the schema at the URI

   <EdSimon> I agree with PHB that the DTD should be dropped in the next major

   tlr: in cleaning up the spec, should we leave it in, but specify the correct
   schema with a new URI

   grw: doesn't think it is worth the work

   klanz2: +1

   rsalz: its ok for the schema to be more loose than the text

   tlr: we currently have two elements of normative text that conflict

   fjh: we are not chartered for schema changes

   deastlak: we do need text explaining the issue

   <EdSimon> The text can be more specific than the schema...but the schema
   should reflect the text as closely as possible. (This is a general comment
   and  does  not change my position above sbout NOT changing the current

   fjh: it sounds like we have concensus we do not want to change the existing

   fjh: it sounds like we all agree we need explanatory text

   fjh: should we further clarify that text trumps the schema?

   fjh: might break other things, though

   tlr: proposes we add text, but raise issue for review with XML Coordination

   <GregB> Donald will produce a draft for section 4.4.3 changes

   <rsalz> Note that the schema marks this attribute as optional. Because this
   does  not  invalidate  any  legitimate signatures, and because invalid
   signatures would be found by processing rules, the difference will not be
   reconciled  to  avoid  the  risk  of  breaking  current  documents and

   RESOLUTION: For E08 we have agreed to not change the schema as recommended,
   but will add explanatory text and review with XML CG


   fjh: Need to talk about workshop. locations? times? other logistics?

   fjh: Do we need to hash it out today or work it out on list?

   tlr: We can look at relevant calendaring and poll who might be interested in

   tlr: plan for roughly 50 people

   grw: maybe a BOF at the IETF

   <GregB> (IETF 69)

   <GregB> ... July 22 week

   <fjh> ... in chicago

   tlr: BOF would be 2 hours (ish) where a workshop is several days

   tlr: planning horizon is too narrow

   tlr: could co-locate, but IETF is a pretty full week already

   <tlr>  ACTION:  Cruellas  to  look  into workshop hosting [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-16 - Look into workshop hosting [on Juan Carlos
   Cruellas - due 2007-05-10].

   hal: offering to host at BEA in San Jose
   ... or in Mass ...
   ... but assumed we're ruling out Mass ...

   fjh: Have you done the freedom trail?

   <GregB> last week august first week of Sept are probably out

   hal: assume OASIS adoption forum later in fall

   tlr: we need to draft a CFP

   <tlr>     ACTION:     thomas     to    draft    CFP    [recorded    in

   <trackbot-ng>  Created ACTION-17 - Draft CFP [on Thomas Roessler - due

   hal: people should check their calendars for available workshop dates

   <deastlak> PHB and I have come up with a paragraph re RetrievalMethod

   fjh: individuals should post to the list ideas regarding the CFP

   <deastlak> NOTE: The schema for the "URI" attribute of RetrievalMethod
   erroneously omitted the attribute

   <deastlak> use="required"

   <deastlak> (The DTD is correct.) However, this error only results in a more
   lax schema which permits all valid RetrievalMethod elements. Because the
   existing schema is embedded in many applications, which may include the
   schema in their signatures, the schema has not been corrected to be more

   RESOLUTION: The above text should be accepted for the section 4.4.3

Decrypt Transform

   <klanz2> RE E05:

   <tlr> [39]http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlenc-decrypt

   <EdSimon> I get Error 403: Forbidden when trying that link

   <EdSimon> I was referring to the
   "[40]http://www.w3.org/2007/05/03-xmlsec-irc#T15-34-19" link.

   <GregB> That appears to be true of all the resolution links

   <fjh> decrypt transform rec - [41]http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlenc-decrypt

Section 3.2 - Processing Rules

   klanz2: it reads like the assumption was that xml:base would only appear at
   the document 'apex'

   fjh: no specification recommendations yet, but a few areas for change:
   ... section 3
   ... section 3.1 is the main one
   ...  section 3.4.2: inheriting attributes from the XML namespace: last
   paragraph would have to change
   ... a lot of the issues in C14N11 are replicated here
   ...  should  we  be  referencing  C14N11  rather  than duplicating the
   canonicalization document
   ... contents, that is

   <tlr> PROPOSED: replace second bullet to reference to C14N 1.1 handling of
   document subsets

   <tlr> (Context: definition of decryptXML transform in Decryption Transform,
   item 2, second bullet point)


   <GregB>  discussion  around finding people who have worked on decrypt;
   tranform interop

   <grw> googling for xml decryption transform




   fjh: next step is to get a last call draft; if unable to get an iterop it
   will remain at CR

   fjh: is anyone interested in working on document?

   <GregB> silence

   <fjh> greg whitehead: of interest in processing model where layer handles it
   below application layer

   klanz2: there are issues around this that should go in future charter

   klanz2: need well defined behaviour around taking XML out of a context and
   putting it back into a context

   fjh: decryption transform seems to serve a useful function, but there aren't
   too many implementations and there is not a lot of interest

   fjh: charter calls for a fix, but we have to get it right

   grw: lets take the approach of least effort given the level of interest in
   the problem (incremental changes)

   tlr: we should get this to a working draft, put it to last call if its
   ready, and see what the feedback looks like

agenda review and then break for lunch

   fjh: discuss chartering and the wiki content

   grw: need to defined test cases for sig interop tests.
   ... requirements for the test cases actually

   <tlr> ACTION: thomas to send e-mail about interop testing dependencies with
   Core [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng>  Created  ACTION-18  - Send e-mail about interop testing
   dependencies with Core [on Thomas Roessler - due 2007-05-10].

   tlr: we have to coordinate with the C14N group because they have to go to
   rec before we go to proposed edited rec

   tlr: A-SIT is offering to host workshop at TU Graz in September.
   ... not the first week of September ...

   fjh: break until 0130EST

   <EdSimon> test

   <EdSimon> called Zakim, says I'm the first participant

   <EdSimon> OK, I can hear now.

   <EdSimon> ok thanks

   <fjh> ScribeNick: sean

Test Case Requirements

   fjh: use merlin test cases (16?) for regression tests

   <fjh> [47]http://www.w3.org/Signature/2001/04/05-xmldsig-interop.html

   <fjh> c14N test in C14N11 feedback -

   hal: look through errata to see what tests are needed

   <scribe>  ACTION:  Konrad  to  get  test  case  for  E01  [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-19 - Get test case for E01 [on Konrad Lanz -
   due 2007-05-10].

   there are existing dname tests, add reference to this

   fjh: Don't think we need tests for E02

   <grw> [50]http://www.w3.org/Signature/2001/04/05-xmldsig-interop.html#DNAME

   fjh: Don't think we need tests for E03
   ... Don't think we need tests for E04

   <fjh> E02 and E03 refer to related work

   <fjh> E04 refers to language without changing behaviour

   Test case for E05 probably not needed (or practical)

   fjh: Should be a test for E06 to make sure it is a URI

   <fjh> sig redline - [51]http://www.w3.org/2007/xmlsec/Drafts/xmldsig-core/

   <fjh> thomas: test is to use API for base64 encoding of external image, see
   if URI used properly

   <fjh> Greg Whitehead: Base64 test exists, need to review it

   <fjh> Sean: Yes not well defined.

   fjh: Don't need tests for E07 & E08

   tlr: do we test what implementations do w/o URI (E06)
   ... c14n 1.1
   ... build signature with xml:id in correct place
   ... move it to wrong place and check behavior

   grw: focus on what test cases we need first

   <fjh> greg: test case for 1.0 as default see if 1.1 by mistake

   <hal> test case which checks for correct sig when xml:base is present

   <hal> test case which checks for correct sig when xml:id is present

   <fjh> thomas: generate sig over doc subset, must include c14n11 as final

   <fjh> greg: new generators not rely on default c14n

test using explicit transform during generation for c14n11

   <klanz2> Test case for conversion NodeSetData to OctetStreamData:

   <klanz2> Use case: Generate a signature having a reference with some xpath
   transform selecting NodeSetData

   <klanz2> then we add a XSLT transform that clearly needs OctetStreamData

   <klanz2> Check on verification: if the resulting signature actually made the
   use of c14n 1.1 explicit in the chain of transforms

   <fjh>  thomas: is it an error to always put C14N11 transform at end of
   transform list

   <fjh> not an error to use c14n11 for docs with xml:id or xml:base when not
   using document subsets.

   grw: verifiers need to be upgraded to use 1.1, generators don't

   konrad: c14n old impl should not generate new signatures

   tlr: on receiving side continue to use c14n on old sigs, optionally hold and
   catch fire if find xml:id or xml:base
   ... on sending side, c14n 1.1 is mandatory to convert node-set to octet
   ... c14n 1.0 is should/must not be used if xml:id or xml:base

   grw: new code able to operate in mode compatible with old code
   ... what if ok to do it in old way and doesn't matter/not a risk to you even
   if wrong
   ... must is too strong

   tlr: we agree on must implement c14n 1.1

   <fjh> generators that currently rely on implicit use of C14N10 in reference
   processing model must explicitly use C14N11

   <rsalz> Rationale: new (1.1-aware) generates must generate "more secure"
   signatures that explicitly use c14n1.1 transform. An old receiver will fail
   to validate because they do not recognize the 1.1 transform.

   <rsalz> The new generator can then generate the old-style signature, but it
   should (must?) explicitly specify 1.0 c14n; old recievers will work, and new
   receivers will recognize the signature as "less secure"

   <tlr> We RECOMMEND that signature generators do not use the default

   <tlr> canonicalization rules of the reference processing model. In

   <tlr> cases in which inclusive canonicalization is desired, we

   <tlr> RECOMMEND that XML-C14N 1.1 be used.

   <tlr> Could go into 6.5, above the algorithm descriptions.

   <rsalz> +1 to tlr's text

   where do we put new text?

   <fjh> sig spec -

   tlr: 3.1.1 is the right place
   ... if default c14n 1.0 is specified should receiver catch fire if sees
   xml:id or xml:base?

   hal: generate a warning at most

   <fjh> ack

   tlr: are we going to specify any error behavior in receiver when c14n 1.0 is

   <tlr>  PROPOSED  RESOLUTION:  include security considerations note for
   validators that use c14n 1.0 in "unsafe" contexts, but do not specify error
   handling behavior

   <tlr> RESOLUTION: include security considerations note for validators that
   use  c14n  1.0 in "unsafe" contexts, but do not specify error handling

   hal: have to come up with plausible attack scenario for security note

   <tlr> konrad: should reference change in generation model

   <tlr> tlr: sounds good

   konrad: 2 test cases for each bullet in

   tlr: must have xml:id or xml:base to test that c14n 1.1 output is diff. from

   <fjh> tlr: if you can share additional test cases, please do so

Best Practices

   fjh: not mandatory, but maybe do via wiki w/o too much trouble


   hal: write down some general categories
   ... security considerations
   ... interop considerations

   tlr: perf bottlenecks

   fjh: people should feel to throw in ideas into wiki

   <rsalz>  fjh  mentioned  what  other communities have canonicalization
   algorithms? probably overlaps with potential workshop participants

   konrad: what is line between best practices & future work?

   hal: anything relevant to current specs is useful

   fjh: if chance of doing it should go in charter

   tlr: anything that is conformant, go into best practices; otherwise charter

ExternalCoordination Page

   fjh: wiki with list of orgs that do stuff related to xml security


Charter Development


   konrad: look at slides for c14n1.1 realtion to xml 1.1
   ... add stronger algorithms
   ... performance issues: efficient xml
   ... robustness: how do we do indentation correctly?
   ... in future create more robust signatures that survive longer

   <tlr> yesterday's minutes: [56]http://www.w3.org/2007/05/02-xmlsec-minutes

   phb: would like to see ECC suites defined as algs

   <rsalz> "NSA Suite B" crypto suite

   <fjh> rsalz: might want to provide guildelines for new canonicalization algs

   <fjh> thomas: maybe part of our best practices

   <grw> if, in future work, we make processing like c14n schema-dependent then
   we should add explicit schema references as a parameter

   rich: big problem with affecting installed base w/o changing namespace

   <deastlak>  I  currently  have received a request for ECDSA sigs using

   <fjh> konrad: look at UDDI schema canonicalization

   fjh: agenda for next call should be workshop

   <fjh> Members of WG should review their calendars in advance of next meeting
   to determine constraints on Workshop

   <fjh> Members of WG should also provide on mailing list input on desired
   location of workshop, benefit of reaching parties, e.g. west coast versus

   <fjh> Members of WG should review draft call for participation before next
   call after draft produced

   <fjh> Members of WG should Review Signature red-line after next revsion

   <fjh> ACTION: Thomas to provide URI for additional algorithms [recorded in

   <trackbot-ng> Created ACTION-22 - Provide URI for additional algorithms [on
   Thomas Roessler - due 2007-05-10].

   donald: how do we want to specify algs in URIs? Do we want to add structure
   for the different components?

   meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW]  ACTION:  Cruellas  to  look  into workshop hosting [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: Frederick to Raise on XML coordination list the need for XML
   security considerations with regards to xml namespace additions [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: klanz2 to post E05 discussion to public list [recorded in
   [NEW]   ACTION:   Konrad  to  get  test  case  for  E01  [recorded  in
   [NEW]     ACTION:     thomas     to    draft    CFP    [recorded    in
   [NEW] ACTION: Thomas to provide URI for additional algorithms [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: thomas to send e-mail about interop testing dependencies with
   Core [recorded in

   [End of minutes]

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