ACTION-49: C14n 1.1 Illustrate proposed changes by example

Dear all,

A simple example should illustrate the need to change the current text:

Remove_Dot_Segments("no/../") did evaluate to "/" but should evaluate to 
the no-op (i.e. "" or null) .
Remove_Dot_Segments("no/../yes") did evaluate to "/yes" but should 
evaluate to "yes".

Remove_Dot_Segments("../")  should also equal to 
Remove_Dot_Segments("..")  resulting in  "../".

Other examples can be derived when trying the Exmples in

The proposed changes relate to the so called '* several changes as in 
"Remove Dot Segments" ... (see Apendix)' in section 2.4 cf. 
"" referring to the Appendix 

The proposed changes are outlined in :

In the Attachment is an image showing the difference between 
"" and 
Blue text indicates additions. Deletions are indicated on the right side 
(Glöscht is German for deleted).

some more points:

* When copy pasting the edits  I must have missed an important edit in 
(2 C.) maintaining relative URI references - the following test case 
indicates it's need .
Remove_Dot_Segments("no/.././/pseudo-netpath/seg/file.ext") did evaluate 
to "/pseudo-netpath/seg/file.ext" but should be 

s/remove the last segment and its preceding "/" (if any) from the output 
buffer/remove the last segment and its preceding "/" (if any) from the 
output buffer and if hereby the first character in the outputbuffer was 
removed and it was not the root slash then delete a leading slash from 
the input buffer/

I'm happy to take an Action to update my proposal for early CR Feedback.

* btw. (editorial Change) there is a typo in section 2.4 s/Apendix/Appendix/


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