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PR Transition Request for XProc: An XML Pipeline Language Norman Walsh (Friday, 26 February)

Multipart tests Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 24 February)

XProc Agenda 25 February 2010 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 24 February)

Experiments in spec navigation Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 23 February)

Test suite: err-s0004-005 (Monday, 22 February)

Test suite: variable-005 Norman Walsh (Saturday, 20 February)

Test suite: quoting of charset parameters Norman Walsh (Saturday, 20 February)

Re: Add version attribute to the standard step library Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 19 February)

XProc Agenda 18 Feb 2010 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 17 February) updated Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 17 February)

Regrets - 18 February (Wednesday, 17 February)

charset on p:data Norman Walsh (Monday, 15 February)

Scoping of options and variables Norman Walsh (Thursday, 11 February)

p:label-elements Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 11 February)

Change the type of prefix value attribute to NCName (instead of string) Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 11 February)

Pipelines with infinite recursion (Thursday, 11 February)

Re: Few comments on XProc version of 24 january 2010 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 10 February)

XProc Agenda 11 Feb 2010 Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 9 February)

[closed] Re: Add version attribute to the standard step library Norman Walsh (Monday, 8 February)

XProc telcon 2010-02-04: Draft minutes Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 4 February)

Telcon 4 February Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 4 February)

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