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/ Rui Lopes <> was heard to say:
| New findings:
| Appendix A. Only a few steps present a sample usage (e.g., p:error,
| p:escape-markup). Should we provide a sample for all of them? (at most,
| for coherence purposes)

I'm not sure. I suppose there's no reason not to, except for bulking
up the spec.

| A.1.4 The last code block (the result document of calling p:error) has
| two </err:errors>, the first one should be </err:error>


| A.2.5 "The XSL Formatter step receives an XSL FO document and renders
| the content." --> into what format? PDF, SVG, PNG... ? Is it
| implementation defined, or should we say something about it? If more
| than one render format is explicitly allowed, how do we specify it?
| File extension, a "format" option, etc.

I think Alex addressed this with the output option. I think we should
make PDF the default.

| A small digest of older findings from threads [1] and [2]:
| 4.6.1, example 8, s/c:error/err:error
| A.1.4, should we state that the code option of p:error should be a
| QName, in consonance with err:error/@code defined in F.2 ?
| A.2.2 has a @@cite (my guess a forgotten to be cited reference), and the
| step doesn't state explicitly if it accepts RNG schemas in XML or
| compact formats.
| E, the language summary doesn't contain the optional steps, but contains
| their vocabulary (e.g., c:http-request).
| F, 2nd paragraph, s/#error/'error'
| F.1, s/error*/err:error*

I believe I already addressed these.

| [1]
| [2]
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| Rui

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