Making 'href' optional in p:log

I suggest we make the 'href' attribute in p:log optional. When the
attribute is missing, p:log writes to a location which is
implementation dependent.

This is to avoid having write something like <p:log port="..."
href="file:///var/log/xproc.log"/>. (1) This creates redundancy
(repeating 'href'). (2) It means we have to change multiple places in
the code if the location of the log file changes. (3) This makes the
pipeline not portable (/var/log/xproc.log may not be the right
location to write to on Windows).

Instead, I prefer to write just <p:log port="..."/> and set where the
data goes by configuring the XProc implementation.

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Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 22:10:35 UTC