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Norman Walsh writes:

> | Third, I wonder if we can place some sensible restrictions on when
> | an anonymous parameter port is implicitly declared, along the same
> | lines as for inputs and outputs. So a pipeline only has an implicit
> | declaration for an anonymous parameter port added if (a) there are
> | no other parameter port declarations and (b) one of its contained
> | steps has a parameter port. This would have the advantage of better
> | error reporting when a pipeline user mistakenly passes in parameters
> | rather than options.
> I suppose we could. Thoughts?

Yes, I think this is OK.

> | Can we use the notion of a primary parameter port, just as we have a
> | primary standard port? If there's only one parameter port, that's
> | the primary one; otherwise one of the parameter ports can be marked
> | with primary="yes". Then we can say that the anonymous parameter set
> | gets passed in to the primary parameter port. That would, at least,
> | mirror the way normal inputs work.
> Sigh. Yet more concepts, but yes, that does sound like the right
> answer.

Yes, I can live with that too, as it actually _isn't_ a new concept,
it's making the idea of 'primary' apply to both kinds of input ports,
not just one.

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