Re: Proposal: replace here documents with a component

/ (Henry S. Thompson) was heard to say:
| Richard and I had already come to a similar conclusion, indeed at the
| semantic level we think "from URI" should _also_ be a component, so
| that there's no funniness at that level at all---all inputs come from
| flows/pipes/whatever.


  <p:input port="xxx" step="step-name" source="port-name"/>

is the basic semantic. An input of the form

  <p:input port="xxx" href="xxx"/>

is understood to be syntactic sugar for

  <p:uri name="synthetic-1">
    <p:param name="uri" value="xxx"/>

  <p:input port="xxx" step="synthetic-1" source="result"/>

and a here document is understood to be syntactic sugare for

  <p:document name="synthetic-2">
    the here documeng goes here

  <p:input port="xxx" step="synthetic-2" source="result"/>

I like that idea. 

| Which suggests that the _syntax_ of <p:input> doesn't need to change
| at all, just that it provides a shorthand for the use of a 'document'
| component that is not available for <p:choose>.

Nevertheless, I want to remove the syntactic convenience of allowing
"here documents" because I think doing so significantly simplifies the
syntax while imposing a negligible cost.

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Norman Walsh
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Received on Thursday, 21 September 2006 14:31:19 UTC