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Add an @as in p:import-parameter

Deleting in a viewport

Describing parameters

href, source and port and Murray's idea of subordinated element

Match Pattern Proposal

Missing defaults

New draft: 27 Nov 2006

New draft: 27 Oct 2006

Off topic

Proposal for subordinate source elements

Proposed 17 Nov draft posted

Publication Request: XProc on 17 November

QNames vs. NCNames

Random things I noticed...

RNC sync

Small typos in XProc 27th November Working Draft

Standard Component Descriptions

Unable to resolve select/match decisions for 17 Nov draft

Use select for viewport too

Viewport and nested selected nodes

XProc Agenda 16 Nov 2006

XProc Agenda 2 Nov 2006

XProc Agenda 30 Nov 2006

XProc Agenda 9 Nov 2006

XProc Minutes 02 Nov 2006

XProc Minutes 16 Nov 2006

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XProc Minutes 30 Nov 2006

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