Foreach, Viewport and Choose and another way to default


It seems in those cases that we add an unneeded surrounder wrapper
because we don't care about the name

so what about

  name = QName
  select? = xpath expression>

<p:for-each name="chapters" select="//chapter">
  <p:document href=""/>
  <p:output port="html">
    <p:pipe step="xform-to-html port="result"/>

the same for viewport and for choose and when

== Defaulting ==
And it seems like, some more times the defaulting story could be about
the name of the in/output

In those case an option could be to allow

input|pipe|document instead of just input
output|pipe|document instead of just output

may it could seem bizarre, but it's a way when we don't need a wrapper
to keep the semantics and xml less verbose

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