Re: Combined draft

On 12/21/06, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:
> Worse.  Makes the first pass through the document grind to a halt at
> the first component.  The good thing about the non-combined format,
> that you can read it quickly through section 3 and get a sense of the
> language, is lost.

I guess it depends how your brain is wired. To get a feel of what a
new language is about, I tend to look at the examples and the syntax
first. With what we have right now, this means starting at section

> Compromise suggestion:  include _one_ _short_ example of the the XML
> representation at the end of each subsection of the current
> (non-combined) format's section 3.

I will take the compromise you suggest as an improvement over what we
have now. But still prefers Norm's combined version.

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