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RE: WebID logs - Re: Last WebID XG teleconf: Tuesday 10 January 2012

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 10:48:09 -0800
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Don't forget to change the style of leadership. it needs a lot less angst. Not everyone is a coder in crypto, but will be incredibly useful to you. try not to call people subversive, fraudsters, cheats, and folks engaged in the nth level deception. it doesnt produce friends. it produces a retaliation, and an American style perpetual piss'iness culture


never forget you are a crypto group, and thus have pressures not found elsewhere in the web. Try to remember why certs made it to ubiquity, and do the same. One gets the public's trust by becoming entirely replacable, overnight. That you expose yourself that way is what they are trusting, and you are trusting back in turn not to happen. A lot of folks will attempt that line (but there is always one little hook in there, still). At scale, the public smells out that hook  - just as fast moving email reveals intent and biases.


Dont forget, others in W3C have other agenda now in crypto, and they are revisiting topics you MAY thing are settled. They are not. Tomorrow, your access to 4096 bit crypto can be re-locked up just as it was locked up in 1998. And, W3C will be under pressure to do JUST that, or do DRM, or escrow, or use https endpoint to unlock javascript libraries. its unlikely to be able to resist such pressures (which will just pull on its funding strings, until it complies).


I think the incubator did fine. it sent from FOAF+SSL to webid. It has a name, it has an agenda, and it has a community who love it.






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