Re: WebID-ISSUE-7 (bblfish): Move esw wiki contents? [WebID wiki]

On 29 Jan 2011, at 21:37, Peter Williams wrote:

> Could special dispensation be granted to use instead? Would it upset W3C IP controls and governance processes to use an external wiki provider?
> it seems unlike that either of the W3C wiki sites will allow us to use digital ID login or SSO logon (from the facebooks...and googles... of the world).

It would be nice to have SSO with WebID on the W3C Wiki or tools.
Perhaps we can get permission to try to enable some services
specially so we can try out WebID... That would be fun. 

(but I won't put much hope in it)

I think more in our control would be to WebID enable a Doodle like service first, to help us make
small decisions. We could then proceed to larger services step by step.

> The custom wiki Henry built a year ago enabled him to exploit its programmability. Using that particular wiki provider would allow folks to experinece in practice the evolving proposal. It could also support the test case issue.

Yes, a year ago I worked on getting XWiki to produce WebIDs easily. It just required a little 
java bean to be added to the wiki jars. The rest was produced by using the scripting language they
they used called Velocity (an Apache project). But I did not get round to implementing WebID as the
team had not even deployed some OpenID code, and I did not want to spend a lot of time hacking around
those issues, when they were just about to decide what type of SSO solution they were going to use.
So one cannot login to xwiki with a WebID. But I'll talk to them to see what is possible.

Perhaps there is another WebID enabled wiki we could use?

> Though minting webids, foaf cards and RDFa home pages, it doesnt actually accept a webid protocol run for login. But, I suspect that could change faster than for the W3C wiki sites.

We should certainly eat our own dog food here where we can. Perhaps it is even good that the
W3C web site remain stable while we do :-)


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