Re: WebID-ISSUE-7 (bblfish): Move esw wiki contents? [WebID wiki]

On 30 January 2011 01:03, Henry Story <> wrote:
> On 29 Jan 2011, at 21:37, Peter Williams wrote:
>> Could special dispensation be granted to use instead? Would it upset W3C IP controls and governance processes to use an external wiki provider?
>> it seems unlike that either of the W3C wiki sites will allow us to use digital ID login or SSO logon (from the facebooks...and googles... of the world).
> It would be nice to have SSO with WebID on the W3C Wiki or tools.
> Perhaps we can get permission to try to enable some services
> specially so we can try out WebID... That would be fun.
> (but I won't put much hope in it)

I suspect that *if* a solid WebID addon for MediaWiki existed, the W3C
systems team would be tempted to enable it. That said I obviously
can't make any commitments or predictions, it's in their (overworked)

But first things first --- that plugin doesn't exist, AFAIK.

The most natural starting point might be to take and re-do it for WebID.
The OpenID addon should exercise most of the main relevant MediaWiki

Anyone got time to take a look at that?



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