Facebook moves to HTTPS

Kingsely Idehen made me aware that Facebook will be moving to HTTPS
by tweeting the article 
"Zuckerberg's Page Hacked, Now Facebook To Offer "Always On" HTTPS"


probably due to the bad publicity of tools such as Firesheep.

A Google Employee posted some information a little while ago on how
to why SSL server side was no longer a problem in "Overclocking SSL"


Peter Williams on the foaf-protocols mailing list shortly had an
argument how Google's trick could be useful for WebID, but also
an argument why he thought it was bad. I did not go into that
discussion at the time, as I thought this forum would be a better
place to have it.

  So this is a note that we should look into this in more detail here.
  Peter if you can copy your argument as a response to this mail, that
would be helpful.


PS. I have added the Facebook link to the FAQ

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