WebID-ISSUE-48: Fighting spam with WebID [use cases]

WebID-ISSUE-48: Fighting spam with WebID [use cases]


Raised by: St├ęphane Corlosquet
On product: use cases

A direct benefit of WebID is that the URI for an agent attempting to leave a comment on a site is known and can be re-used to find out more about the identity of the agent. A set of rules can be used to determine whether he/she/it should be allowed to post on a given site: Does the author of the post claim to know this person? Has this person posted on another post or on the same site before and is in good standing? Is this person known by some trusted members of the author social network? Do the author and the commenter share anything in common (e.g. same organization)? Depending on how an author configures these rules, some of them might let someone comment without any moderation needed (such as the extreme case of a white list of WebIDs), but in the case of failure to comply to a strict rule, a ranking can be assigned to comments in order to aid manual moderation. This would allow for new, not yet known WebIDs to join the network. This would encourage people to follow a sort of WebID etiquette and maintan their social network up to date in their WebID Profile document (might be access controlled).

Black lists can be developed to list bad/spammers WebIDs (maybe using honey pots). We need a way to give a WebID a bad rep if it's been compromised of it turns out to be operated by an evil minded agent.

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