using foaf/webid at W3C - Re: minutes of todays teleconf

On 22 Feb 2011, at 02:26, peter williams wrote:

> Nothing to do with the topic,
> But since evidently the irc channel is tying voice caller id to handles learned in IRC-land and can enforce acces controls on muting (given a queue of unmuting requests), is there an IRC command that delivers an RDF document about #handle? (that can include what IRC finger usually provides)?

very good question/idea. The #swig on freenode channel uses something like this. So it's perhaps a script we could use.

>  Just interested to know if W3C actually uses RDF and FOAF.

The W3C is not a semantic web fan club. A lot of people there believe only in html or others only in javascript, and yet others in xml.
The director is very influential but he cannot order people to believe. Wider use cases keep gaining converts, and things like this will certainly be helpful. It would be nice of course if we could use WebID to authenticate ourselves here. That should be an aim.

Danbri mentioned in an earlier e-mail that if someone had a WebID plugin for MediaWiki that could be useful.


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