ACTION-3: Look into mercurial and how mercurial and git interact

I'm using the hg-git plugin which has worked very well so far. I've been
able to import all the history from github into the new W3C hg repo, and
cherry on the cake, it's also very easy to keep both repos in sync (i.e.
push changes which were committed to git to hg, and the other way around

Main canonical hg repository hosted by W3C:

Secondary git repository (for convenience only):

I'm volunteering to maintain the sync between these two since I have the
workflow setup on my machine. That means people can use the tools they
prefer. More on the spec editing workflow later since there is an action
(#10) on this...

This action can be closed.



Received on Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:47:03 UTC