Re: Question: User Story -- Bootstrapping Facebook

On 10 Feb 2011, at 03:07, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

> This is my question.  Is it a problem that they dont currently use
> fragments.  And can we easily can get around that?

Why would it be a problem that they don't use fragments now? And for what anyway?When they deliver an HTTP page those requests come without fragments. So they will be serving pages just as they do now... Everything we do is done on web standards.


>> If they are interested in WebID, perhaps we should invite them directly, then we could answer their questions with more context....
> I think they would be good people to talk to, yes, if it's possible to
> get them more interested.  It's the dominant social eco system on the
> web.  I know from SWXG telecons that David Recordan has at least heard
> of WebID, so that's a start...

Yes, we should do that. 

And there are also many other people we should invite. 


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