Re: [foaf-protocols] Self signed certs

Henry Story wrote:
> On 6 Feb 2011, at 01:04, Nathan wrote:
>> Just a quick FYI..
>> <webr3> q, anybody know if it would be possible to get the browsers to 
>> generate key pairs and wrap them up in certificates, perhaps coupled to 
>> keygen?
>> <abarth> webr3: its possible, but there isn't much momentum to do it now
> What did he mean by that? I either don't understand the question
> or the answer. Do you have a link to the discussion?

That is the full discussion, and the meaning is, browsers could/can 
generate key pairs and certificates locally, on peoples machines - no 
need for "servers" to be doing it.. and further, possibly tied in with 
keygen to do it "on demand".

Just another option for us.



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