Re: Turtle support for WebID profiles


am i missing something with this turtle discussion?

if openRDF [1] for example already implemented a parser and writer,
i assume it is well supported and a common rdf serialization, no?

seeAlso [2]


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> Questions: 
> 1. I do not see any issues off hand for moving Turtle forward. What is next? 

could you ask on the LinkedData list, or find some way of getting people 
there to vote? Well turtle support will get full support I believe, 
but the more difficult question is after that should one drop RDF/XML as a must 
support? Or should one have both? I don't find it difficult to do both. 

We should leave RDF/XML as a MUST (on verifier side), even for all its cons, most libs support it (I don't know of any RDF lib which support Turtle but RDF/XML for example). If anything, we could simply remove the ugly RDF/XML snippet from the spec. 

Ah that's a good idea. 

MUST support by consumer, deprecate for user. 

I like the idea. 


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